New Generation University College (NGUC)


2.3.1 Registration is the official enrollment of students for classes. It takes place at the respective campus of the College before the beginning of every semester. The Registrar's office will announce the schedule for registration. Students should be aware of the following registration procedures and rules.

2.3.2. Each semester, registration takes place only on the dates stated in the academic calendar of the respective campus. There is usually a two-day late registration period with a penalty of 10 dollar.

2.3.3. A student is expected to be present physically in the College for registration.

2.3.4. A student cannot register for a course that has a prerequisite without obtaining at least a grade of "D" in the prerequisite course.

2.3.5. Registration for a course is done in consultation with an academic advisor from the department in which the student is enrolled.

2.3.6. Students should write in four copies the proper course titles, course numbers and the number of credit hours on the registration slips of the College.

2.3.7. Registration is complete and official only when the Registrar's office stamp is placed on the slips.

2.3.8. One copy of the registration slip is kept in the student's file in the Registrar's office, one copy in the academic department of the student, one copy is submitted to the Finance Office and one copy must be kept by the student.

2.3.9. Students are not allowed to attend classes without completing registration formalities.


Once a student is enrolled in NGUC, the student is given a non-transferable identity card (ID-card) with a unique and permanent registration number.
  • The ID card entitles the student to various College services.
  • The ID card must be renewed each semester and returned to the Registrar's office when a student discontinues his/her education or graduates.
  • If an ID card is lost, a student can get a new one provided that the student brings a letter from authorized bodies proving the loss of the card and that he/she pays 10 dollar.
  • If an ID - card is damaged due to negligence, a new one will be provided upon payment of 10 dollar.

3.1. Transcripts are issued by the office of the Registrar. There are two kinds of transcripts: student copy and official copy. Official copies are directly sent to institutions / organizations upon the request of the student.

All students who have dropped out, withdrawn, or graduated from NGUC must present clearance paper of the College to get transcripts.

3.2. Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees are academic awards issued by the Registrar's office. Following graduation (or approval for graduation by the Academic Council), students upon formal application and presentation of clearance papers are issued temporary certificate of completion. The original certificate, diploma, or degree will be issued within one year after graduation.


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