New Generation University College (NGUC)



No discrimination shall be made among students on the basis of nationality, sex, religion, color or physical disabilities. Students have the right:

6.1.1. To forward opinions, ask questions, debate and participate in educational discussions and other related activities;

6.1. 2. To evaluate their instructors periodically;

6.1.3. To use libraries, computer centers and other facilities according to the rules and regulations of the College;

6.1.4. To participate in student organizations, clubs and other educational organizations of the College;

6.1.5. To be evaluated on the basis of their academic performance without any discrimination;

6.1.6. To apply for a re-evaluation of an examination paper on the basis of the rules and regulations of the College;

6.1.7. To bring evidences and complaints as well as defend against cases of which they are accused or for which they are penalized; and

6.1.8. To obtain an official document verifying their academic status.


NGUC students are expected to maintain the highest standard of conduct, moral and ethical behaviors. Absolute discipline both in classes and within the premises of the campus is required from every student of the College. Students are expected to dress modestly and behave courteously. Every student of the New Generation University College (NGUC) will have the following responsibilities:

6.2.1. To respect the rights of other students, instructors and members of the College community and to respect the departmental requirements. All students shall choose the department they want to be enrolled in at the time of their application for admission. The student shall indicate at least three choices their in order of priority. rules and regulations of the New Generation University College (NGUC);

6.2.2. To fulfill all the necessary requirements set for every course (i.e. attending lectures, practical and tutorial classes, tests and examinations; submitting term papers, projects assignments etc.;

6.2.3. To keep the ID - Card of the College when coming to classes or to the library, and to show or return it to the College authorities on request. A student is not allowed to sit for any examination without having the College's ID-Card;

6.2.4. To use carefully and handle properly all educational materials and other properties of the College;

6.2.5. To replace any material of the College that he/she has lost or damaged;

6.2.6. To return all the property of the College, settle all payments, and obtain official clearance before leaving the College at the time of withdrawal or graduation;

6.2.7. To avoid using all addictive materials (Chat, Hashish, drugs, etc) and not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes on campus of the College.


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